Training & Workshops

Building Effective Teams

We work with teams to determine how to make them more effective, by developing specific recommendations, followed by specific team-building exercises and accountability.

Execution and accountability are important to a company’s culture. “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast” Peter Drucker.

  • The members of a team must have full commitment to a common goal and approach that they have developed themselves.
  • The team members must hold each other to mutual accountability

Six dynamics of team success:

  • Successful teams are made up of a collection of effective individuals, who have problem solving ability and they are action oriented.
  • The team members must be able to give and receive feedback
  • An effective team depends on how focused and clear the goal is.
  • They require an environment that has open communications.
  • A competent leader is focused on the goal, ensures a collaborative climate, builds confidence of team members, sets priorities, and manages through feedback.
  • The climate and culture of the organization must be conducive to the team’s behavior and culture.

All of MindSet Training/Coaching are tracked for 30, 60, or 90 days after, depending on program, to measure results.